KTA – Consulting Engineers – Jurutera Perunding – Sarawak Malaysia

Core Values , Vision & Mission

Core Values

We hold ourselves to the highest standard,
which are reflected in our following core values.


Continually providing quality consultancy services


We challenge ourselves constantly to employ innovative solutions


We believe in doing our part to prioritise environmental and social sustainability in our designs and project execution


We have a zero-tolerance corruption policy and can be trusted to protect your best interests


Success can only be achieved when there is an emphasis on staff wellbeing and personal development


We strive always to look for the best and most eff ective path forward, leading to high efficiency


We ensure that we have qualified professionals who practise continual learning to guarantee we have the requisite expertise to execute our projects


We make it a point to communicate regularly with clients to understand and meet their needs and expectations, and among team mates for smooth implementation

Our Vision

Being sustainable and responsible towards the future, while remaining reputable, competent and the trusted company of choice by our clients.

Our Mission

To serve the best interests of our Clients and Stakeholders through our core values while ensuring the well-being of our staff.