KTA – Consulting Engineers – Jurutera Perunding – Sarawak Malaysia

Marine Engineering & Water Management

As one of the leading consulting engineer firms in the region, KTA (Sarawak) has been responsible for the planning, design and construction of various marine engineering and water management projects, some of which require very specialised skills. One example of this is the Sapangar Bay Naval Base in Sabah, with submarine docking and repair facilities. Another example will be the Samalaju Industrial deep sea port, successfully completed in 2016 which comprised long breakwaters, extensive dredging, 4 handymax berth, a bulk cargo conveyor handling system complete with onshore and offshore port facilities.

Water Resources & Management

We have worked with various authorities and agencies to provide clean potable water, treated waste water for safe release, discharge storm water in controlled manners, regulate river and tidal levels, as well as to harness hydroelectric power, i.e, renewable energy.


This port with a total of 7 berths currently with a provision for another 7 or 8 more berths serves the Samalaju Industrial complex to the south. It is carved out of shallow waters with no natural protection from waves up to 4.5m from the South China Sea. Breakwaters formed from natural rocks and concrete tetrapods were designed and constructed to make it an allweather deep sea port.


Sungai Sarawak regulation scheme, Kuching, with a barrage and lock, with an integrated bridge over them, are part of the Sarawak River Regulation scheme, which serves to regulate the river level, provide an important link across the opposite banks of Kuching, blocks saline intrusion to the water supply intake and reduces sediment deposits along Damai beach.

A 1.9m diameter penstock for 10.5MW Kota 2 Mini Hydro, Lawas, Limbang Division
A pump house, surge tank and pumping main for the Kuching Water Board, Batu Kitang for the Tasik Biru-Lundu-Sematan Regional Water Supply Scheme.
Samalaju Industrial Port, Bintulu, fully operational in April 2017. Components of the Samalaju Industrial Port project include conveyor belt bulk cargo handling, dredging, rubble mound and concrete armour break waters, sheet pile retaining wall, barge berth with suspended concrete deck, handy max berth, administration building and navigation control tower, control tower etc.

Featured Project


A roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam at the upstream of Sungai Sarawak Kiri for storage of 144 million cubic meters of raw water for the Kuching Water Board.


  • Type: Roller Compacted Concrete Gravity Dam
  • Height: 63.2 m @ RL86.2 m
  • Length: 267 m
  • Concrete Volume: 136,000 m3
  • Base Width: 49 m
  • Free Overflow Stepped Spillway: 62 m long
  • Design Flood Inflow, PMF: 2420 m3/s
  • Reservoir Full Supply Level: RL80.0 m
  • Minimum Operating Level: RL55.0 m
  • Reservoir Storage Volume: 144.1 mm3
  • Reservoir Area (FSL): 8.77 km2
  • Design Daily Raw Water Demand: 2040 MLD
  • Multi Level Pipe Intake Outlet: 1.6 m diameter