KTA – Consulting Engineers – Jurutera Perunding – Sarawak Malaysia


Our bridge engineers have established an outstanding track record of designing some 800 bridges, both big and small, each with its own set of unique challenges. By tapping into the various expertise across our organisation, we are able to successfully deliver some of the most complex bridges built, including the longest bridge in Sarawak, the Batang Lupar Bridge, which is currently under construction (as of 2023) and is due for completion in 2026/7.

Batang Rajang Bridge, Sibu Division
It is 1.2km in length and built using incremental launching method for the approach spans and balanced cantilever method for the river spans, is located at Durin, Sibu Division. The first bridge was completed in 2006 and the parallel bridge (Phase II) was completed in 2020.

Darul Hana Bridge, Kuching Waterfront
Waterfront Kuching, an iconic pedestrian bridge (335m in length, cable-stayed design, completed in 2017), located at Kuching Waterfront connecting both sides of the Sarawak River. The elegant S-shaped bridge has two steel towers inclined in opposite directions.

Kuching Isthmus Bridge, Pending, Kuching

This bridge (446m in length, balanced cantilever design, completed in 2012) crosses the Sungai Sarawak at the Pending Point forming the vital link from Pending to the Borneo Convention Centre, SEB Corporate Building and others on the Sarawak River Isthmus

An artist’s impression of the proposed Batang Lupar 2 Bridge. Sri Aman (870m in length, cable-stayed design, scheduled completion 2024/5). This design avoids piers in the river to not disturb the frequent tidal bores in the river.

Jabatan Batang Rejang, Durin, Sibu Division

Featured Project


The proposed Batang Lupar 1 Bridge is part and parcel of the Coastal Road Network Connectivity Program to provide a continuous and seamless travel to serve the population along the coastal belt in Sarawak. When the 2nd Trunk Road is completed, commuting time between Sibu and Kuching will be reduced to about 3 to 3.5 hours.

Located at the river mouth of Batang Lupar, the single carriageway Batang Lupar 1 Bridge traverses from Kampung Beliong Hulu and Hilir on the Sebuyau side, skirting around the north western part of Pulau Triso Laut and ending at Kampung Triso on the Triso side. It consists of 1.2km long South Approach Spans of segmented box girder, 600mm long cable-stayed main spans, 3.05km long north approach spans of segmented box girder and approach embankments with reinforced earth wall on each end of the bridge. A navigation channel (250m wide and 26m high) is provided at the cable-stayed spans between the 2 majestic 111.6m tall towers.

Once completed, the Batang Lupar 1 Bridge will replace the ferry service across Batang Lupar with a permanent, uninterrupted, all-weather bridge crossing that can be used throughout the day and night, as compared to the ferry service where the service time is limited.

An artist’s impression of the proposed Batang Lupar 1 Bridge, Sri Aman Division