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Water Supply

View of completed 3.0 Ml circular elevated water tank at Kpg. Stass, Bau.

Rural water supply at Long Busang, Belaga, Kapit Division.

3.75 Ml regional reservior at Jln Sebuku, Bau.

KTA has successfully undertaken many water supply projects such as Phase I, II and III of the Kota Kinabalu Water Supply Privatisation Project (KKWS) and the Master Plan Study for rural water supplies in the coastal region of Sarawak.

For the KKWS Project, we were involved from pre-bid to conceptual development, detailed design through to construction stages. This project for phases I and II included the design and construction of a 165 Ml/d capacity treament plant, 6 service reservoirs, upgrading of 2 pump stations and 70km of up to 1.2m diameter steel transmission mains. Phase I of the project was successfully completed in 1995, ahead of the prescribed time for completion.

Our involvement with this project and water supply projects has increased our in-house expertise in the design of dams, water treatment plants, pumping stations, transmission pipelines and supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

We are currently involved in the construction of Bengoh Dam for Kuching water supply and the upgrading of the water supply for the southern region of Kuching all the way to Lundu and Sematan. This upgrading also involves in the construction of ground and elevated water tanks, pump stations and pipe bridges.

Aerial view of the completed Phase I Kota Kinabalu Water Supply Privatisation Project, showing the 165 Ml/d treatment plant comprising aerator, filters and clarifiers.