KTA (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd
Consulting Engineers . Jurutera Perunding


Since its inception, KTA has been responsible for the planning, design and construction supervision of many bridges in Sarawak.

Our scope of services covers the full range from initial feasibility study, through site selection, concept and detailed design to construction supervision.

Among the more significant bridges we have designed are the 1188m long Asean Bridge across Batang Baram in Miri, the 1194m long Rajang Bridge at Durin and the 1220m long Rajang Bridge at Upper Lanang. We have also designed the 443m long twin bridge across Sg. Sarawak at Isthmus. All these bridges involve long span (150m to 180m) PSC balanced cantilever box girder design central spans.

We are proud to state that from our experiences, our in-house expertise is now fully capable and competent to handle any of these bridges ourselves.

Our Firm is now undertaking the Sarawak Bridge Replacement Project, which comprises the study, design and construction of 350 old timber / steel bridges in Sarawak within a period of 7 years from 2001 onwards.

Bridge over Sg. Murum, along the Murum Access Road, Kapit Division.

Existing timber bridge being replaced by new RC bridge, one of the bridges in Sarawak Bridge Replacement Project.

ASEAN Bridge across Batang Baram in Miri.

Twin Bridge over Sg. Sarawak at Isthmus, Kuching.